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Our Story
…is the story of direct marketing. It’s a unique story because of our unique approach—create partnerships that use Holsted creativity, strategy, experience and expertise to create a new source of revenue for our clients with no risk.

Decades of Results
After almost 40 years, Holsted Marketing, Inc. continues to lead the direct marketing industry with the same enduring enthusiasm and dedication with a progressive spirit that allows us to increasingly exceed our clients' needs. During this time, we have provided hundreds of millions of dollars of risk-free revenue to our partners.

Profit Opportunities. New Possibilities.
What does a Holsted Partnership mean today? It means good ideas, expert execution and personalized attention that brings you closer to your customers, strengthens your brand and creates additional profit for your company. It means new and better relationships with customers, managed with care for long-term value and new opportunities. It means the confidence of a proven turn-key solution and revenue you can rely on.

Everything to Gain
How does it all work? Simple. You have thousands of hard earned customers, Holsted knows just how to reach them. We create a customized revenue opportunity that helps you reach out to them with compelling offers. Holsted creates and manages all communications for you—Holsted pays for all marketing, merchandising and fulfillment. It’s zero-risk, virtually cost-free income handed over to you by a true partner in profit.

This is a story that has ended in success for companies for almost 40 years. Your customers. Your Brand. Your Profit. Experience just how much Holsted can do for you.

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Experience well Beyond The Rest

Proven Multi-channel Marketing Partner

Providing Millions in Alternative Income to Our Partners

Unique Approach

Successful Multi-channel Marketing Strategy

Customized, Turn-key Solutions

Risk-free, Investment-free Opportunity

We Guarantee Success!

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