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Our business model is a true solutions approach
Holsted Marketing has been successfully providing millions of dollars of virtually risk-free, incremental income to our business partners since 1971. The strategy is one that addresses many of the core challenges in business today and provides solutions that generate profits instead of expenses.

Most companies acknowledge that their key asset is their customer data base. Strengthening the relationship with the customer is a top priority in almost every organization. Holsted’s partnership marketing program offers a solution to that challenge by communicating an expression of “thank you” to the client’s customers in appreciation of that relationship. Whether they are long-time customers, new customers, customers that you haven’t heard from in a while or customers who just placed an order; we say thank you for your patronage with an offer of one of our proven free gifts.

Another challenge for most businesses today is the question of how to generate incremental revenue without meaningful risk or investment. Holsted’s partnership model provides successful merchandise programs as the solution to that challenge. We create millions of dollars of revenue for our clients every year, while we carry all the marketing and inventory risk. Now that’s a solution that is not easy to find!

In today’s partnership marketing arena, clients are challenged to offer their customers quality products that are seen as high perceived value and that add to quality of lifestyle. We have spent almost 40 years enhancing our product line and we provide a product solution of which our clients are proud.

Because we use customer surveys to measure the perception of our customer service activities, we offer solutions to treating customers with care and appreciation. Our goal is to treat your customers with as much care as you do, but minimally with the amount of care that enhances the relationship you have with them. Almost 40 years of experience in this space has made us expert at what we do.

All of this comes down to offering business solutions, at virtually no cost to our clients that add profits to their bottom line while improving customer relations and business prospects.

Shouldn’t you try the Holsted solution approach today!

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